Ansley's process of designing

I’ve been painting and drawing since I can remember. When I was really little, I had this obsession with mermaids and drew them everywhere - even on paper tablecloths at restaurants! Now, painting is a way of getting into a “separate” headspace and for escaping reality for a bit. It’s the only time I don’t think about much else.


When I wanted to start making cards, I knew they were going to be very personal pieces of art that I could make by hand. I started with my watercolors and hand-lettering and literally hand-scored, cut, folded and packaged each card. Now, we have a little more help and partner with a US printer. But each card is still an extension of me. Something I feel the world needs to either say something important, express a feeling, share something meaningful or just something funny and happy. I love that I get to share these “extensions of me” with everyone. It is a privilege and honor to see how they help sustain meaningful relationships.

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