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Take a look at the feature I did for LCI Paper! You can also see it here: image 1
I've been so excited to try LCI's new mirriSPARKLE paper! If you can believe it, it looks even better in person than in pictures! As you know, I LOVE glitter and adding a special touch to my designs, so I was thrilled to experiment with the beautiful paper. It looks just like it's covered in glitter, but there's no glitter shedding! It has a perfectly smooth finish, which allows for so many fun DIY projects without having to clean up any bits of glitter once you're done creating! 
Inline image 2
I decided to make these adorable paper bows with the mirriSPARKLE paper, and cut out my own DIY confetti to decorate the perfect table scape for a party. I used a hole puncher to make the confetti, and also used the paper to embellish my Risa Art Print (shown above; Below is a quick video showing you how I made these cute and super easy bows! 
Inline image 3Inline image 4
Steps to make the bow with mirriSPARKLE:
Inline image 6
1) Cut the three templates shown above
Inline image 5
2) Lay out the bottom cutout that will appear to be the tails of the bow
Inline image 10
3) Fold the longest template to look like two loops forming from the center and glue in place
Inline image 13
4) Place the smallest template strip in the center
Inline image 14
5) Fold the small strip round the back of the bow and glue into place. Voila! You have an adorable paper bow! 

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