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Artist Spotlight - Chloe Wood

Chloe Wood is a Jacksonville, Florida based painter, but she was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Her art has been featured in arbus, Vogue, Southern Living, and Well + Wonder.

What’s your creative specialty?

Coastal impressionist painter

How did you start? 

Creating art has always been a part of my life, but I became aware it was something I could do professionally in High School. After graduating with a Bachelors in Studio Art from Auburn University, I worked retail until having my first son. I started painting 6 years ago when I was home with him. After securing some fantastic galleries and partnerships, I started painting full time in 2019.

How do you gain/gather inspiration? What do you do to get recharged? 

I live in Jacksonville, Florida where I am surrounded by rivers, intracoastal waterways and beaches. The outdoor inspiration is limitless. I photograph while playing and discovering creatures with my three boys, so then I can paint from the image. Food, interior design, music and textiles are also inspiring me constantly.

What’s your favorite thing about creating? 

The outcome is going to be different every time, even though the subject matter might not be.


What advice would you give your younger creative self? 

Take a breath, and a break when you need to step away. Getting worked up about a deadline is never helpful, and communication is key. Also, saying “no” is okay if the project does not feel right.

Check out Chloe’s work on herwebsite andinstagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!

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