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Artist Spotlight - Milly Edwards

Milly is an Atlanta Based artist! She is available for commission pieces and has her avaliable pieces on her instagram page.

What’s your creative specialty?

I specialize in abstract painting and watercolor painting

How did you start? 

I was surrounded by art and creativity growing up, and My mother is actually an artist by profession. There were a lot of ways I could be creative as a child, and I was lucky enough to have an education and family that nurtured creativity. I remember loving going to art classes and camps growing up, and as I got older I became especially interested in photography and painting. I had basically put the brushes away for a while until covid. A creative outlet was my coping mechanism through the worst times, and I decided it may inspire others to explore their creative side. So I started sharing with friends and family through Instagram. What was first just a small outlet for me, is now a major part of my life and something I hope to continue for as long as I can. 

How do you gain/gather inspiration? What do you do to get recharged? 

A lot of inspiration for me just comes from my environment and being a part of a supportive community. I love seeing what other artists are creating and what gets them excited, but try not to compare myself too much. When working on commissions, I also get a lot of inspiration and energy from my clients, and how each one has different ideas and perspectives. I’ve learned (and as most creatives know) that you really can’t force inspiration; you just have to use art and creativity when you have something to express - no matter what type of emotion you’re feeling. This way, you stay true to yourself and authentic in your creative process. 

What’s your favorite thing about creating? 

It’s amazing to me to be able to create something amazing out of very little... a piece of art didn’t exist, but with just a few tools and some creativity, you can have something truly wonderful. When I paint, I’m expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions. And what I may not be able to put into words, I can usually express through art. It can be simple or complex, and the way in which it can evoke emotion in people is powerful. 


What advice would you give your younger creative self? 

I would have told myself to not be too critical and not to compare myself to others. I was always so afraid to put myself out there, thinking I wasn’t good enough, but now I know there is a market for everything and there is space for everyone! It’s not an exclusive club, anyone can be creative if they want!

Check out Milly’s work on herwebsite (coming soon) andinstagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!

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