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Sea You At The Beach!

Whether you have a beach house or rent (or you’re one of the lucky ones who has a beach house), our beach cards are such a fun addition to your summer! Maybe you’re a friend of someone with a beach house, and you want to write a thank you note for the invitation. Maybe you spend months at the beach in the summer and want to write a note to someone. We love these beach cards for those occasions (and so many more)! Keep reading to see all the cute beach themed cards we have designed for you! 

Sea Shells Greeting Card

Looking for a perfect way to tell someone just how spe-shell they are? This is your sign to get theSea Shells Greeting Cards, available individually, in a 3-pack, and a 5-pack! Printed from a watercolor painting by founder, Ansley Pridgen, this card features starfish, scallops, and mini conch shells! Just looking at this card transports us to the sand. 

Ocean Anchor Card

Maybe you do knot have a specific reason to send a note with a little vitamin sea... OurOcean Anchor Card is a nautical themed note reminiscent of a happy day on the boat! These cards are a thoughtful way to thank a friend for something other than the beach; a boat ride, a lake visit, or any other summertime activity!

Watercolor Seahorse Card and Stationery

No matter the beachy adventure, nothing says beach like ourWatercolor Seahorse Card and Stationery! We love these cards for any summer adventure, like summer birthday ‘thank you’ notes and beach trip ‘thank you’ notes! Seahorses are adorable, and so is this card. Especially when filled with a cute and friendly message.

Fun In The Sun Card

Did you haveFun In The Sun with your friends and family?! Grab these cute sunnies and let your friends know how thankful you are for the memories and experiences you had! This card’s full of sunshine that’s sure to brighten someone’s day!

Ocean Animals and Beach Cards

Don’t forget you can get these cards in a set that includes our “Sorry You’re Feeling Crabby” card! All of these cards are thick, slightly textured white stock paper with matching white envelopes. They are A2 size, which is 4.25" x 5.5" when folded. They are the perfect size for a short, but thoughtful gesture. 

Thanks for reading, we hope we inspire you to #sendmoremail! Together we can keep the art of a handwritten note alive, but we can add a little something unique to the practice! Keep up with us on socials this month as we’re featuring our signature scarves and giving y’all allll the style tips! And sign up for texts so you never miss a product launch!