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How To Wear Your Scarf

So… you’ve gotten yourAllie & Elle scarf, but you’re still not quite sure what the best way to accessorize your outfit with it is. No worries! We have so many ways we love to wear these scarves and are here to help! Before we get into more of our favorite ways to wear these scarves, we want you to know that there is no wrong way to accessorize with a scarf! The more creative, the better! 

A really simple way to add yourscarf to your outfit is to tie it on your purse! We love the look of our scarves tied on thisJ.Lowery purse! Tying your scarf to your purse strap adds a pop of color to your outfit and really elevates your look! 

Are you a bracelet wearer? Whether or not you frequently rock a bracelet, ourscarves are a super fun accessory to any outfit! Tying your scarf on your wrist simply elevates your outfit for every occasion! 

Last but not least, you can always tie yourscarf in your hair! There really is no wrong way to wear a silk scarf in your hair. Whether you tie it on aponytail, dirty hair bun, style it as a headband… we really could go on and on! Check out thisreel for a super unique way to style your scarf in a braid! 


How do you wear your scarf? We love finding new ways to accessorize with our scarves, so let us know!