Old fashioned snail mail in a time of crisis


A handwritten note is the most appreciated form of communication, especially when we are so inundated with digital texts, emails and ads. Here are a few reasons to pick up your pen:


  • Thank you for a dinner party or overnight stay
  • Thank you for a favor when you return something you borrowed
  • Thank you for a job interview
  • To congratulate someone on the birth of a baby, graduation, promotion, or a special achievement
  • To acknowledge a celebration: birthday, wedding, anniversary
  • As invitations
  • To stay in touch
  • To send condolences on the loss of a loved one
  • To apologize for a mix-up or mishap

                The most important things to remember when writing a note are to be sure your hand writing is legible, and to double-check the address and make sure you've written it clearly.


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