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Taking Care Of Your Silk Scarves

The best thing about a great scarf is that it can last for decades! The essential part of long lasting scarves is taking proper care. The fibers in a silk blend scarf are very gentle and do best when hand washed; the agitation from the gentle cycle is too much for a delicate silk blend.

Though hand washing seems like a giant task, your scarves really don’t have to be cleaned all that frequently. You should wash scarves that you wear frequently once a month to rid the fabric of dead skin, make up, and food particles. 

Pre-Treat Stains

Pretreat makeup of food stains on the scarf before hand-washing. Simply dab a your gentle detergent directly on the stain. Work the detergent into the material with your fingers and let this sit for at least 15 minutes before moving on the step 2.

Fill a Sink with Cool Water and Detergent

Stir to evenly distribute detergent

Submerge Your Scarf

Add the scarf to the sink and massage the detergent and water into the fabric. Be gentle with rubbing, because the silk fibers are so delicate. Excessive rubbing can dull the finish. Rinse the scarf.

Remove Excess Moisture

Place the scarf between two absorbent white towels. Pat or gently roll the towels to remove moisture. Don’t wring out your scarf to avoid wrinkles. 


You should dry your scarves as quickly as possible. Use an electiv fan and a drying rack to air-dry your scarf> Rapid drying prevents watermarks and maintains the glossy, silky finish. You can also hang on a plastic hanger, but avoid metal or wooden hangers, as they can stain your scarf. 


Never put your scarf in a dryer, even on low heat. Heat, including excess sun, can cause fading.


Use a warm setting on a damp scarf. Press the scarf on the opposite dife of the fabric using a clean white cloth between the silk and iron

Storing Your Scarf

Keep your scarf in a dry place once it is complete clean and dry. Use lavender sachets to repel insects. It’s recommended to use non-acid tissue paper to soften the folds and prevent creases and breakage