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Ansley's Mood Board

Susie is a coastal southerner, living in Florida. She studied art at Baylor University and University of Texas in Arlington. Check out Susie’s work on her website and instagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!
Everyone needs a vacation… but sometimes figuring out a new place to go is overwhelming. It’s so much easier to return, time and time again, to the places we love. Ansley’s favorite place to get a little R&R is 30a! Who doesn’t love the beach! 
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Eleanor Scott lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. She studied art at Wake Forest University and completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Check out Eleanor’s work on her website and instagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!

There is nothing as thoughtful as taking the time to sit down and write a note. It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it is so impactful to receive. Whether you live across town or states away, knowing someone took a moment out of their day to write a note is a profound gift. Today, we are going to highlight a few of our favorite occasions to send a note to a friend!

Chloe Wood is a Jacksonville, Florida based painter, but she was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Her art has been featured in arbus, Vogue, Southern Living, and Well + WonderCheck out Chloe’s work on her website and instagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!


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Whether you have a beach house or rent (or you’re one of the lucky ones who has a beach house), our beach cards are such a fun addition to your summer! Maybe you’re a friend of someone with a beach house, and you want to write a thank you note for the invitation. Maybe you spend months at the beach in the summer and want to write a note to someone. We love these beach cards for those occasions (and so many more)! Keep reading to see all the cute beach themed cards we have designed for you! 

Meg Harris is a Columbus, Georgia native, and she paints in her spare time! We loved getting to sit down with Meg and hear about her creative journey! Check out Meg’s work on her instagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!

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Milly is an Atlanta Based artist! She is available for commission pieces and has her avaliable pieces on her instagram page. Check out Milly’s work on her website (coming soon!) and instagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!
We are so excited about this limited release, we can’t even take it! They are available in 6 colors; black, white, aqua, red, mint, and light pink! These koozies are only available until May 31st, so hurry up and get yours before time runs out! 
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Y’all know we love to accessorize everything with  our silk scarves! Each of these unique scarves are designed by our owner, Ansley Pridgen. To learn more about the design process, check out our post  here. There are so many ways to elevate your outfit with a scarf; you can tie it to your purse, wear it as a belt, tie it around your neck, or wear it in your hair! Wearing a scarf in your hair is such a fun, and different, way to accessorize!  
Ellie Pippas is from Columbus, Georgia and has an incredibly creative spirit. She now lives in Boston and attends Harvard University, where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology. In what little spare time she has between studying, she explores the city to gather inspiration for her doodles and drawings. 
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