Ansley believes in creative collaborations + effective branding + lasting relationships. She loves building brands and helping them fully understand their image to portray it brilliantly.  She listens to you to understand your goals and helps you define them further. By utilizing imagery, social media, relationships, collaborations and events, she will help you take your brand to the next level. 

With the experience of owning her own creative business and a background in business, Ansley knows how to help you grow yours. She has a back for encouraging growth and creativity and inspiring you to reach your full potential. She has a passion for design and appreciates it's ability to propel a business.

Ansley started allie & elle to make the world brighter with colorful watercolored greeting cards and stationery. Each design is painted and hand-lettered by Ansley. The paintings are then printed on textured cover stock that is made to replicate the feel of watercolor coldpress paper. The designs are meant to evoke nostalgic emotions and celebrate the color in life. Her hope is that by creating beautiful greeting cards and custom stationery, she can revive the practice of the handwritten note— which, in her eyes, is one of the most meaningful and impactful ways to communicate in our tech-driven world. 

After attending SMU and receiving an undergraduate degree in accounting, Georgia native, Ansley Pridgen, moved to New York City to begin a career in fashion. While in NYC, she learned about production, design, life, and hard work. However, she couldn't suppress her deep love and connection to the South, so once she moved back in 2015, she began pursuing her dream of starting her own company inspired by her life growing up in the South. Ansley spent two months researching the paper industry and teaching herself how to navigate multiple design programs. In October of 2015, she began designing a colorful and eclectic aesthetic for her new line, thus, allie & elle was born.  She invested months into painting and developing the allie & elle brand, and debuted her first collection at the 2016 January gift show in Atlanta. After three years of continued growth, allie & elle is now sold in 300 stores, and the signature watercolor designs are celebrated throughout the country. Ansley has recently added more custom creations, especially those for brides, including custom crests and wedding invitations. Hopes for the future include further expansion with a wider variety of products and services.

Contact Ansley by emailing hello@ansleypridgen.com


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