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Artist Spotlight - Meg Harris

Meg Harris is a Columbus, Georgia native, and she paints in her spare time! We loved getting to sit down with Meg and hear about her creative journey!

Meg Harris at Columbus, Georgia Artist Show

What’s your creative specialty?

Abstracts and Landscape

How did you start? 

I’ve always loved art. When I was 10 I won a coloring contest that was held at our local Publix. It was after this that I really gained a little confidence and thought to myself, ok I should pursue art! I took drawing classes as a child in Columbus, GA (my hometown) where we would draw anything from still life to churches! I looked forward to those classes every week. As I got older and more involved, I took AP art in high school from Columbus artist, Sally Bradley. We worked in many different mediums, but I enjoyed painting the most. I then went on to the University of Mississippi where I chose studio art as one of my minors. My favorite teacher, (a well respected landscape artist in Oxford, MS) Robert Malone at Ole Miss pushed me each week in our 3 hour classes to be better. I have enjoyed creating and growing as an artist as a hobby for friends, family and even myself. To me art is an enjoyable pastime and I adore creating and sharing with anyone who is interested! 


Painting by Meg Harris

How do you gain/gather inspiration? What do you do to get recharged? 

I am inspired most by color. Color is my favorite aspect in art, it can change everything. There is always new things to learn and compare and experiment with! My favorite way to recharge is exercise. I love to walk or run with my husky, Luna. 

What’s your favorite thing about creating? 

My favorite thing about creating is seeing how my ideas express themselves and come together on paper. Working up close on paper or canvas you sometimes get so focused and have to remind yourself to physically step back and look at your work. The best feeling is stepping back and seeing how all of the  details and color tie together to create the big picture! 

What advice would you give your younger creative self? 

Do not be afraid to be confident in yourself and your work! 

Check out Meg’s work on herinstagram and tell her thanks for sharing her answers with us!

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